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tv   Representatives on Russia Investigation  CSPAN  July 14, 2017 11:14pm-11:48pm EDT

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corporate branding themselves. president obama was a fantastic brand. he used incredibly cutting edge marketing techniques, a lot of us felt that there was -- but behind the claims that he was leading this deep change and transformation that there was not enough change. that help set the table for trump. >> watch afterwards sunday night at 9:00 eastern. on friday, democratic congressman rim and diagonal and ted lose spoke on the house floor about recent revelations that donald trump jr. met with a lawyer with ties to the russians. we will your responses from dana rohrabacher in louie gohmert. this is half an hour. on july 11, donald trump jr. released a series of emails regarding his emails with the
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russian government lawyer, an individual associated with the russian intelligence. don junior's emails are a smoking gun. it proves that the trump campaign was not only aware of the russian governments different efforts to meddle in our election, they were enthusiastic about accepting russian support. what follows are the contents of those emails. they paint a disturbing picture of a campaign and now an administration willing to break the law and sell out to an adversary of the united states in order to advance their own petty interest. that the american people will carefully consider the cuts -- the content of these messages and what they say about the fitness of donald trump and his senior adviser to hold high office. posts by donald trump jr. on july 11, 2017. everyone, in order to be transparent which we know he was not even in this email, i am
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releasing the entire email chain of my email with rob goldstone about the meeting on june 29. wasfirst email was from rod wanting a request from ms, a person from the miss universe pageant. they have a highly respected company in moscow. the information they suggested about hillary clinton i thought was political opposition research. i first wanted to have a phone call and when that did not work out, they said they would be in new york and asked if i would meet. i decided to take that meeting. the woman, as she had publicly said, was not a government official. she had no information and wanted to talk about adoption policy and magnus yet. this occurred before it was invoked. the entire meeting was the most inane nonsense i've ever heard. i was actually agitated by it. and a female.
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-- and of email. [inaudible] on june 3, he wrote to donald trump jr. the following, good morning. to ask me toalled contact you with something interesting. the crown prosecutor of russia met with his father this morning and in their meter, -- meeting, provide optimism would incriminate hillary and her dealings with russia and would be useful to your father. this is obviously sensitive information but it is part of russia and its government support for mr. trump helped along by eris and am in. what do you think is the best way to handle this information and would you be able to speak to him about it directly? i can also send his info to your father but it is ultrasensitive so i wanted to send it to you first.
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best, rob goldstone. at 10:53 a.m.,, less than 20 minutes after that email, donald trump jr. wrote back, thanks rob, i appreciate that. i am on the road at the moment but perhaps i will speak to him in first. if what you say -- i love it. leader in the summer. could we do a call first thing next week when i am back? mr. speaker, i love it. was, i love it. i've worked in politics for a long time, i have never been approached with information from a foreign government. if i were, my response would not be, i love it. my response would be, this is completely inappropriate. by response would be, don't ever contact me again. my response would be, i am calling the fbi. in this email, donald trump jr.
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shows his true colors. this proves he lacks basic integrity and the willingness of jared kushner to attend that meeting proves that he too is no patriot. after we finished reading the females, we are going to discuss why it is a straight up violation of the federal election campaign. 2016, rob june 6, goldstone writes back and email at 12:40 p.m. on the with the heading, regarding russia clinton. private and confidential. hi, don. let me know when you are free to talk about this hillary info. you had mentioned earlier this week's i want to schedule a time and day. on june 16, 2016, at 3:00
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p.m., don junior wrote back, rob, can we speak now? and then he replies to donald trump jr., at 3:37 p.m., let me track him down in moscow. what number should he call? any email that says that might just raise red flags. on june 6, 2016, at 3:38 p.m., donald trump wrote back, myself the number we have omitted that some number, unlike donald trump we do not give out so the numbers. thanks, d. he replies, he is on stage in moscow but should be off it within 20 minutes. i'm sure you can call rob. on june 6, 2016, if you minutes after receiving the female, donald trump jr. wrote back, thanks for the help. on june 7, 2016,
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rob stone writes, don, hope all is well. he asked i-8 schedule a meeting with you and the russian government attorney who is flying over moscow for this or stay. i believe you are aware of this meeting. i assume it would be at your office, best, rob goldstone. on june 7, he> writes, how about 3:00 at our office? i appreciate your help setting this up. >> later that same day, rob goldstone wrote back, perfect, won't sit on -- sit in on the meeting that will introduce you etc.. i will send the names of the two people meeting with you for security when i have been later today. best, rob. by the way, we know today that one of those names just happens to be a soviet counter intelligence officer. >> punch in seventh at 6:14
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p.m., donald trump jr. writes it will likely be my brother-in-law and me. fifth avenue, 25th floor which is trump tower. >> on june 8, the next day, rob goldstone bike -- right back, good morning, what it be possible to move tomorrow's meeting to 4 p.m. as the russian attorney is in court until three -- 3:00. i was just informed. best, rob. at 11:15e 8, 2016, p.m., donald trump jr. writes, yes rob, i can do that unless he wanted to do 3:00 today instead. let me know and i will lock it in either way. this is some eagerness this man has for this information. back, we can right
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do today -- we can't do today, 4:00 p.m. is great tomorrow. >> this email is from donald trump jr. sent wednesday, june 8, 2016 at 12:03 p.m., to jared kushner and paul manafort. subject, forward, russian -clinton private and confidential. meeting got moved to 4:00 tomorrow at my office. best, don. that completes the email chain. law, under federal election campaign act, you cannot solicit or accept any contribution from a foreign order for an country. the law defines the const -- the contribution as anything of value. in-kind donation. opposition research, anything of
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value that violates the law and in this case, we absolutely have conspiracy to violate the federal election campaign act. i'm a former prosecutor, i know it is easy to prove a conspiracy. you just have to have the person in furtherance of the conspiracy. in this case, when donald trump junior replied back to the offer -- offer of information and says, i love it, that is one act. he then proceeds to set up a meeting, that is another act. he then shows up in the meeting with the jared kushner, that is the third act. that's more than completes the crime conspiracy. we have in black and white a violation of federal law. >> the other thing we have to consider is this. right now there is a person within the white house that has lied under security clearance. he security clearance that we use to determine whether to trust someone with this information for this country.
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jared kushner was in a meeting with a foreign agent. now we know that he was in a meeting not just with a foreign agent but with a former and "former" counterintelligence officer. formers no such thing as counterintelligence officers if you ever worked for the soviets. once you are in the kgb, you are always in the kgb. it was not to talk about adoption, it certainly was not to talk about anything else but if anything, it was there to cap information and the fact that jared kushner lied and admitted it, until finally revealed today, asks the question whether that man should be in the white house right now instructed with this type of information. military,were in the if we had this type of her and our security, that would have been -- what would have been our punishment?
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clearance would've been suspended immediately an investigation open. i'm glad you mentioned jared kushner because many are wondering why is he in the white house caps on -- in the white house? in the first form, he light on it. he did not disclose a single meeting with the russians. if you make a false statement or you canto tear a fax, be imprisoned. he omitted that information. he has been confronted and what does he do, he revises it. then he submits a second clearance form he lied on that went to because he did not disclose this latest meeting that happened to be with a russian counterintelligence officer. then he had to submit a third form. you look at the explanation, he said his staff hid -- hit the send button too soon.
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that is not how you submit the security clearance form. involved process, you have to do the certification, you have to sign the paper and submit that with your signature on it. it is very elaborate. now he is lying about the process in which he lied. we don't know why, we don't know why he is in the white house. >> what is the motivation for this?ting there are clearly pointed email saying, why are you going to be attending this meeting. there is a subject line that says clinton emails. there is a subject line that has to do with a russian agent, a prosecutor. now we know there is a former soviet counterintelligence agent that happened to be there. and jared kushner omits it from his security clearance. that is not an accident.
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that is a criminal act. a criminal act that any other marine, airdier, man, if he ever did that, we would be quickly prosecuted under the uc mj. >> let me follow up with what he said, we have a person in the white house with security clearance even though he light at least on two of those forms. there needs to be an investigation suspended immediately. for any intelligence official you trusthis, how can jared kushner when he lied on the forms and makes a mockery of the process. this is the same person that suggested setting up a secret back channel with the russians
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at the russian embassy. so the only reason you would want to use russian equipment at the russian embassy is to hide information from u.s. intelligence. i hope that people working for him do not trust him. >> we know there is a clear narrative of jared kushner's involvement with the russians. first, he tries to set up a back channel, then omits conversations and security clearance. he continues to lie, even though he is being untruthful. where have a situation there is basically zero trust that this man in the white house with top-secret clearance is not compromised. in conclusion, let me close with this. emails afterd
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emails. imagine this conversation have any -- happening the opposite way, with the democrat or the clinton saying, i have information, and the word written 45 times. then imagine all the follow-up lies that happened. what would be occurring right now? what would be occurring is what we saw last year, consistent oversight. but there is not, there is no oversight. paul ryan has not taken this by the helm or done any type of oversight. the house republicans have abdicated the responsibility and allow donald trump and all those other members of his family and administration that have been compromised, to continue being a threat to our national security in the white house. this should not be the way.
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betisanship should never about patriotism. but what we are seeing right now is naked partisanship, exposed and pushed as far as possible, in the hopes of protecting a faulty resident -- president, his administration, and his family. that is not american. that is not what any of us signed up for to do. we swore, whether in the armed services committee, whether we were in the armed services, or came here in congress, to uphold the constitution of the united states and protected. right now, we can honestly say that is not occurring. there is an absolute abdication happening now of leadership from house republicans. thanks. >> thank you. let me conclude by saying, the president said most people would have taken this meeting.
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that is just not true. under a campaign act, if you solicit or conspire or shop at a meeting where you expect to get foreign opposition from a foreign national, that is in violation of federal law. most people would not have taken this meeting, unless they were crooked. we have an example of when the al gore campaign got information they were sent anonymously, saying van-bush was being briefed on, they took that packet and turned it over to the fbi. that is what should have happened in this case. , this is alude pretty big deal. we have people in the white house the believe they are above the law. the lesson in the watergate is that no one is above the law. >> thank you. i yield back my time. >> the gentleman yields back.
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chair would remind members to direct all remarks to the chair and to formally yield and reclaim time under recognition. do speakers announced policy of january three, 2017. we recognize the man from california. >> i am sorry mike two colleagues refused to yield. especially when they are using phrases like "naked partisanship." it is interesting, when we could've have had a nice dialogue here. i was asking for a chance to go into a dialogue's of the american people could understand what was being said, rather than , "nakedcredible partisanship." i yield my time to have a
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dialogue about it. but i am afraid that does not cut it. it is yet another example of what we have seen, people using sinister-sounding descriptions in order to basically distract us from some of the corruption, and i might add, questionable ownvities of their presidential candidate in the last election, who was defeated because the american people did not trust that candidate. and, by the way, i would like to have asked, i am sorry my friends have left and did not yield time for a question, whether or not they believe hillary clinton's activities in russia while she was a shernment official -- was involved in money raising from russian oligarchs to the tunes of millions, tens of millions of dollars?
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her husband involved in raising this money while she was secretary of state, or while she was a candidate for president of the united states? over in russia, millions of dollars to the clinton foundation. and i understand, hundreds of thousands of dollars put into her husband's pocket for a speech that he gave in russia. these things need to be looked at. hearingead, what we are about is sinister-sounding words meeting, a meeting, or someone said they had some information that would help, yes, the campaign. but the reason it would help the campaign is a supposedly information showed hillary clinton was involved in some activities that were contrary to the interests of the united states or contrary to the law. and yes, if someone says to you that they want to give you information, there is nothing wrong with that.
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in fact, i would help my colleagues who called us who just said what is happening on our side of that i'll is "naked partisanship," i wonder if the democratic party and my other body ares in this calling for hillary to release , and to makeails sure we have, under oath, an explanation of these transactions about the foundation? but instead, we are hearing all sorts of sinister descriptions of atransactions about the meeting that was going to give information. i will tell you right now, everybody in this body, if they think there can be information that is important for our country to know from any foreigner, we should talk to them and find out what it is. it is not illegal to receive information from someone, engaged inif you are
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an activity aimed at trying to secure understanding for policies that you plan to implement as a leader in the united states, as unelected leader. there is absolutely nothing wrong -- by the way, i am the asian --of the europe, europe and eurasia and subcommittee and emerging threats. one thing in my jurisdiction is russia. should i ever turn down a chance to talk to somebody who has information for me, negative or positive, about russia? no, i shouldn't. the trumpr should campaign have ignored any opportunity to receive more information about what was being hillary,ilary. -- perhaps, in the raising of millions of dollars for the
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clinton foundation. determine is the information accurate or not accurate? if it is not accurate, you do not want to touch it. i should not -- say the democrats, many people were disturbed that there had been a release of females during the campaign. this of a question about russian issue was whether russia or somebody else actually hacked into the system and released those emails. i think what is important is whether the truth was revealed. if someone was talking about releasing negative and false information, the public should be upset about that. but they should not be upset if they are given a chance to see more information that is accurate information on this issue. i would hope the american people -- i trust the american people,
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are smart enough to see a diversionary tactic using sinister words over and over again to describe something that is perfectly legal and in some cases, as i say, talking to anybody to get more information to help you make your decisions, that is a good thing and not a bad thing. i would yield to my colleagues. >> i appreciate so much, my very who friend from california, has traveled abroad and had some amazing meetings with representatives of countries around the world. as i listen to friends from the other side talk about this issue, it appears very clear that they are saying -- what they are saying is, every member of the house who has ever met with someone from a foreign questions, asked whether they believe what they were given or not, is guilty of a crime and should be damned to
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--l for all attorney basically, is that it? >> it seems that is what is being said. those people are so sinister, you do not listen to them, or the whole act is sinister because it may be illegal. but in reality we are talking about one person meeting with another, who may have information. we in the congress and anyone running for public office should be listening and say, is there information imparted -- important for our country to know? i appreciate the fact that the gentleman from california and i met with the then-leader of iraq. neither the gentleman from california or i cared for the man. he was the prime minister of iraq. he did a great deal of damage to iraq. he, along with our president,
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obama, weakened iraq. recalls ourriend conversation with him. we were asking for answers to questions that we considered example, i wasor asked about his commitment to protect the refugees from iran that he had pledged to protect. my friend from california was pledgedbout the iraqi to help pay us back for some of our cost in making iraq free. issues so infuriated we heardister malachi we were banned from iraq by the prime minister. our friendsare across the aisle taught, every time one of them end any time one of us on this side of the
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wele have asked, even people considered to be despicable and had done terrible things, we wanted answers that we were committing a crime in demanding those answers. i also know my friend from california got similar treatment from a man we believe is very corrupt as the leader of afghanistan at the time. any harm in asking questions and getting answers, even from people that we -- for whom we have no respect. i appreciate the gentleman from california a yielding -- california yielding. it is a good thing to get answers to our questions. mr. rohrabacher: people are trying to frighten us and others not to meet with people and not to talk with people, and i wonder why? as far as i am concerned, i do
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not just have a blind trust in whatever our intelligence agencies give us. let me know, many issues being quoted are not quoted from our intelligence agencies during this whole national discussion on what russia's interaction with us has been for the past couple years. the fact is, these intelligence reports are filled with weasel words. a weasel word is making it sound like you are saying something, but you put a phrase in that actually does not commit you to defending that particular position, as being factual. with that said, i would hope the american people pay close attention to the sinister words, but also the weasel words. and pay attention to the basic nonsense. crime has been
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committed now because someone in the trump campaign -- whatever it was, i do not care if it was donald trump's relatives or son or whoever it was -- anyone in the campaign whatsoever wants to talk to anybody in the world to get information, i think that is a good thing. point, or not at that whether it is accurate information, to move forward with inaccurate information is wrong. that is your job, to verify youthing is accurate before let it influence policymaking or decisions you are making at that moment. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] washington journal live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. coming up saturday morning, discussing russia's lobbying efforts against u.s. sanctions. "theessica greenberg from new york times," to talk about consumer lawsuits about banks
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and credit card companies. in our spotlight on magazine segment, "christian science monitor" writer talks about how rust belt cities are trying to adjust to a high-tech future. be sure to watch c-span's washington journal saturday morning. join the discussion. with the help of our comcast partners, this weekend the tvpan city's tour takes up to massachusetts, where the first shots of the american revolution are fired. and less than a century later, a writer's revolution take place as it becomes home to ralph waldo emerson, henry david thoreau, and louisa may alcott. we will take you inside orchard house, where louisa may alcott lived and wrote the groundbreaking work "little women are co- and we explore walden pond to
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see what influenced henry david thoreau. man," which influenced ralph waldo emerson and the transcendental movement. we saw through its windows down the hill and the second revolution of intellectualism and thought. it is a house with such great history to it. americansday on history tv, we take you to the northbridge where the battle of concorde began in 1775. thehis is considered to be beginning of the american because it was here that americans from the militia, and the british, willing counter one another. shots will be fired, lives lost on both sides. most importantly, it was where the colonial militia was ordered to fire upon the king's troops, creating an act of treason.
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>> and see the largest collection of materials used during the revolution displayed at the concorde museum. tour ofspan city's concord, massachusetts on a c-span2's book tv. and, on american history tv on with our cableg affiliates and visiting cities across the country. linda mcmahon has been the small business administrator for five months. she talked about her personal and professional life, her marriage to vince mcmahon, her work as an executive and professional wrestling, and her 35 your friendship with donald trump. this is half an hour. steve: linda mcmahon, let's begin where your story begins, growing up in north carolina. an only child? ms. mcmahon: an only child.


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